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Kingswood College Union Founder Office Bearers

The first definite steps towards the form action of the union where taken by the Mr.Spencer in 1900 (The school was the nine years old.) he invited the some of old boys to contribute towards the expenses of the annual sports. Letters came in afterwards suggesting that a union of Old Boys should be formed But it was not till may 1904 that an effort was made. Circulars where then sent out signed by Mr. Spencer and A.C.B Jonkaals, on the 30th September 1904 after the first day’s sports a meeting was held in the school, the union was duly constituted with a first list of forty-four members rules ware discussed and adopted These last ware:-

    President :
  • Mr. L. E. Blaze
  • Vice President :
  • W. E. Barber & A. C. B. jonkaals
  • Secretary :
  • Mr. E. H. Spencer
  • Treasure :
  • W.T. Samaraweera
  • Committee :
  • C. C. Barber
  • O. V. Bartholomeusz,
  • E. G. Jonkaals,
  • G. P. keuneman,
  • E. S. Matthysz,
  • E. T. A. Pate,
  • S. G. Sansoni,
  • P. W. van Langenberg,
  • R. W. White.

A Slight degression may here be allowed. It will be noticed that the president of the union is appointed by name, and not by office as principal. The distinction was then and afterwards carefully emphasized. In the special circumstances of that time my appointment was considered necessary; but I have always held that the principal of a school should not also be president of the union.



03rd,April 2016

Dinner party for the Kingswood Cricket Team, celebrating victory of Big match 1st innings & One day match was held on 3rd of April 2016 at Earl's Regent hotel Kandy. - Organised by Kingswood Union

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