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SCHOOLKingswood College, Kandy

A brief History of Kingswood College

Kingswood College was originally known as Boys' High School, Kandy. When the school was first opened by Louis Edmund Blaze in 04th of May 1891, there were only eleven students. At this time, almost all of the schools on the island had been categorised as state aided government schools, and missionary schools. In the beginning, grants from the government were available until the school showed signs of having established itself with a solid core of good teachers and a good and expanding complement of students. From the outset, he modelled the school on the English Public School system. It is not without significance that a house system was introduced to the school in 1922 and the names selected were those of some of the main public schools in England (Eton, Harrow, Winchester and Rugby). He built up a cadre on the strength of his reputation as an educationist. He coined the term "Gentlemen of Kingswood" to describe the body of students of his school and in all his years as principal of the school (from 1891 until 1923) he endeavoured to give meaning and substance to that often repeated phrase "Gentlemen of Kingswood". He chose a motto for the school in Latin, Fide et Virtute as was customary at the time. He then chose the distinctive school colours, maroon and dark blue, and he wrote the words of the school song.

Kingswood College Crest & Anthem

College crest was designed by Mr. A. Bartlam of the Technical School with the help of Mr. R.G. Anthonisz. Dr. A.E.A. Poulier had badge drawn in England and arranged for the stamp to be engraved. The shield and the cross stand for fides in both its literal and derived meaning; with the sun and the wings representing virtus. The college song was written by Louis Edmund Blaze with the lyrics taken from Kingswood College in England. The song was adapted to local conditions with the addition of the words "loyally, manfully"

Listen to the College Anthem.



03rd,April 2016

Dinner party for the Kingswood Cricket Team, celebrating victory of Big match 1st innings & One day match was held on 3rd of April 2016 at Earls' Regent Hotel Kandy. - Organised by Kingswood Union

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